5 Reverse SEO Techniques That You Cannot Miss

Reverse SEO or Reverse search engine optimization is basically removing unwanted results from search engine result pages for a particular keywords (Keywords means mostly a person’s name or a brand name).

Reverse SEO is basically shifting the limelight to positive results by decreasing the ranks of negative reviews or information.

This is designed to bury unwanted results deep in search engine result pages by creating lots of positive pages and optimizing them with keywords that show negative reviews for a brand name.

This is a technique utilized by ORM (online reputation management) companies to control what searchers see in general when they type for a brand name or a person’s name in search engines.

Personal Experience:

It all started a few years ago when we got a new client from Bangalore, India. The guy was a lawyer and he got himself into some cheating accusation. Basically the time he came to us seeking help, he was pretty much nervous over the phone.

The problem was – “If someone searches for his name in Google, various negative reviews about him were coming up into the first page”. Most of the bad reviews were from some forum threads and blog articles.

Our client was nervous and was agreed to do anything to clean up his name from Google. So we took 4 months time period and assured him that no negative reviews will come up if someone searches for his name.

I being a digital marketing consultant, started making a plan for reverse SEO optimization for his name. Most of the people who do Reverse SEO, simply try to take down the negative web pages by contacting the webmasters or posting positive reviews on the same page hoping that the thread opener will delete the negative review.

There is a very simple theory of mine. If you can bring 10 positive results in the top 10 positions of Google, then the negative reviews will be automatically removed from the first page. It is that simple.

reverse seo tips

The difference is – In normal SEO you work on one site to bring ranks for a keyword and in the case of reverse search engine optimization, you have to work on 10 websites to bring ranks for a single keyword. If you succeed in bringing 10 websites in the first page of search engines, your negative reviews will be gone from the eyesight of normal searchers.

Reverse Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Techniques:

So here are 5 reverse seo processes that I followed to fulfill my client’s need. You need to be a little bit clever and opportunist to remove all the negative results from the search result page. Believe me it is simple and a little bit time taking. That’s it.

#1 Reverse Seo Technique – Create Lots Of Social Profiles

( Social networking sites, document sharing sites, dating sites, tour sites, image sharing sites etc.) –

If you search for someone’s name in Google, then you will notice that almost 80% of results are social profiles in the first page. This is a common characteristic of Google to show social profiles for a person’s name. You can use this trend for your benefit.

reverse seo - social media profiles

Create social profiles in every social media sites with the person’s name. Remember don’t forget to use your keywords (means a person name or brand name) in Social profiles title and bio section. The title and bio section will be used as Meta tags in Google search results.

For an Example, If your keyword is “adam sandler”, then write social profile details like this –

Title: Adam Sandler – A positive Man with Positive Thoughts

Bio: Adam Sandler is a professional sweet maker. He even transport sweets into foreign countries. Adam is an angel in his field.

#2 Reverse Seo Technique – Register Domains And Make Websites:

Register domains as much as you can with your desired keywords. For example if you are cleaning negative reviews for a person named – “ Brian Aldein” , then register domains like –





Etc. or something like I registered for myself – kushalbiswas.com

If you can’t afford hosting cost, then go for blogspot.com and use the custom domain feature.

Link your Google plus profile as an author of the website and write an awesome unique bio for each websites. Don’t forget to write Meta tags with your keywords.

Google loves to give ranks for websites with person’s name.

#3 Reverse Seo Techniques – Register Popular Blogs & Write Guest Posts:

I have noticed that Google shows my author pages as search results if someone searches for my name.

The same can be done for your clients. Register your client in various WordPress blogs. I am saying word press blog because you can self-register in a WordPress blog as an author if permitted by the blog owner and also WordPress creates a separate author page if you submit an article in the blog.

So remember you have to submit an article to get the author page to be ranked in search engines.

#4 Reverse Seo Techniques – Start Registering In Popular Forums And News Sites:

Popular forums like digitalpoint.com or webmasterworld.com are having high domain authority. If you make a personal profile in those forums, then there is a high possibility that those forum profiles will be ranked in Google search result for your name as a keyword.

Most of the news sites offer free registration for guests. You should grab these opportunities. Also, if possible, find opportunities to register in edu or gov sites. Believe me one profile in those authority sites can save your neck. It is much easier to bring those profiles in Google first page.

#5 Reverse Seo Techniques – Build Backlinks For All Of Your Profiles And Websites:

Only making profiles in high authority sites may not help you in throwing out the negative reviews from the first page of search engines. You need to create backlinks for all of your social profiles, your websites, your forums profiles etc. These backlinks will help you to build authority for your profiles.

Some backlinks building process –

1. Web 2.0 submission

2. Guest posting

3. Article submission

4. Social Bookmarking etc.

Write quality content and link back to your profiles. Use your targeted keywords (name or brand name ) as an anchor text.

The more quality links you build, the more easier it will be to bring those profiles in first page.


I have used all the above reverse search engine optimization techniques successfully for my client and he is having full of positive profiles in Google search results 🙂

Basically the process is very simple. You just need to create lots of, lots of , lots of and lots of profiles around the web.

Hope the article was helpful. Keep reading others SEO articles 🙂

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